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Data model Film

Version: 0.0.1

Previous version:

Created: 2022-01-07

Last modified: 2024-02-13

SHACL file: film.shacl.ttl

Other languages: nl , fr

Authors: Miel Vander Sande , Milan Valadou , Lennert Van de Velde

Data model to provide a detailed description of Film objects and their components.


Classes & Properties

Classes: OpenCaptions | Audio reel | Carrier representation | Concept | Film | Image reel

OpenCaptions (ebucore:OpenCaptions)

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
in language
Indicates the language of the embedded captioning. 0..* xsd:string

Audio reel (haDes:AudioReel)

A reel of an analog film carrier that contains audio.

Film (haDes:Film)

This class applies to media in meemoo’s archive that is originally derived from an analog carrier of type film.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
is Represented By
A representation of the intellectual entity. 1..* Carrier representation

Image reel (haDes:ImageReel)

A reel of an analog film carrier that contains video.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
coloring type
Indication of the coloring of the image reel. 0..1 Concept
Possible values: haCt:BandW, haCt:Color, haCt:Colorized, haCt:Composite, haCt:UnknownColorType
has (embedded) captioning
Indicates the (embedded) captioning of an image reel . 0..* OpenCaptions