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Data model Objects

Version: 0.0.1

Previous version:

Created: 2022-05-16

Last modified: 2023-01-12

SHACL file: object.shacl.ttl

Other languages: nl , fr

Authors: Lennert Van de Velde , Milan Valadou , Miel Vander Sande

Data model to describe objects.

carrier representation (haObj:CarrierRepresentation)representation (premis:Representation)digital representation (haObj:DigitalRepresentation)file (premis:File)has original name : xsd:string [1..1]has size : xsd:nonNegativeInteger [1..1]mime type : xsd:string [1..1]object (premis:Object)file format (dct:FileFormat)fixity (premis:Fixity)checksum creator : xsd:string [0..*]fixity checksum : xsd:string [1..*]fragment representation (haObj:FragmentRepresentation)endTime : xsd:time [0..1]startTime : xsd:time [0..1]intellectual entity (premis:IntellectualEntity)local identifier (haObj:LocalIdentifier)value : xsd:string [1..1]concept (skos:Concept)entity (prov:Entity)physical carrier (haObj:PhysicalCarrier)storage location (premis:StorageLocation)file path : xsd:string [1..*]storage medium (premis:StorageMedium)stored at [1..1]has Source [0..*]next digital representation in sequence [0..1]has Root [1..*]includes [1..*]is Include In [0..*]is Access Copy Of [0..1]is Master Of [0..1]is Mezzanine Of [0..1]represents [1..1]has Access Copy [0..*]has Master [0..*]has Mezzanine [0..*]format [1..1]has media fragment [0..*]is Media Fragment Of [0..*]documents [0..*]next file in sequence [0..1]supersedes [0..*]fixity [1..1]stored at [1..*]local identifier [1..*]has Part [0..*]is Part Of [0..*]next intellectual entity in sequence [0..1]is Represented By [1..*]relationship [0..*]storage medium [1..1]storage medium [0..*]


Classes & Properties

Classes: carrier representation | digital representation | file | file format | fixity | fragment representation | intellectual entity | local identifier | object | physical carrier | representation | storage location | storage medium

carrier representation (haObj:CarrierRepresentation)

Subclass of: representation

A physical or digital representation of an archived intellectual entity that is stored on a physical carrier such as a video tape, film reel, paper or canvas.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
stored at
The pysical carrier where the representation is stored. 1..1 physical carrier

digital representation (haObj:DigitalRepresentation)

Subclass of: representation

Digital representation of an archived intellectual entity.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
has Root
The file that must be processed first. 1..* file
has Source
The physical carrier from which this digital representation originates from. 0..* carrier representation
A file that is part of this digital representation. 1..* file
is Access Copy Of
The intellectual entity of which this digital representation is the access or browse copy. 0..1 intellectual entity
is Master Of
The intellectual entity of which this representation is the archive master. 0..1 intellectual entity
is Mezzanine Of
The intellectual entity of which this digital representation is the mezzanine copy. 0..1 intellectual entity
next digital representation in sequence
The digital representation that follows on this digital representation. 0..1 digital representation
The intellectual entity that represents this digital representation. 1..1 intellectual entity

file (premis:File)

Subclass of: object

Named and ordered sequence of bytes that is known to an operating system.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
The file that describes or documents this file. 0..* file
The calculated fixity checksum of the file. 1..1 fixity
The file format of the file. 1..1 file format
has media fragment
A fragment from this file. 0..* fragment representation
has original name
The original name of this file. 1..1 xsd:string
has size
The size of this file. 1..1 xsd:nonNegativeInteger
is Include In
The digital representation this file is part of. 0..* digital representation
mime type
The MIME type or IANA media type of the file. 1..1 xsd:string
next file in sequence
The file that follows on this file. 0..1 file
stored at
The location where the file is stored. 1..* storage location
The file that replaces or succeeds this file. 0..* file

Properties from object: relationship

fixity (premis:Fixity)

Information used to verify whether an object has been altered in an undocumented or unauthorized way.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
checksum creator
The entity that generated the checksum. 0..* xsd:string
fixity checksum
The value of the checksum. 1..* xsd:string

fragment representation (haObj:FragmentRepresentation)

A spatial or temporal segment of a file that serves as a partial digital representation of an archived Intellectual Entity.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
The time at which the fragment stops. 0..1 xsd:time
is Media Fragment Of
The file of which this is a fragment. 0..* file
The time at which the fragment starts. 0..1 xsd:time

intellectual entity (premis:IntellectualEntity)

Subclass of: object

A set of content that is considered a single intellectual unit for purposes of management and description: for example, a particular book, map, photograph, database, or piece of hardware or software. An Intellectual Entity can include other Intellectual Entities; for example, a web site can include a web page; a web page can include an image. An Intellectual Entity may have one or more digital representations. An Intellectual Entity may also describe an environment, defined as technology supporting a digital object in some way (e.g. by rendering or executing it). Environments can consist of software, hardware, or a combination of both.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
has Access Copy
The access or browse copy of the intellectual entity. 0..* digital representation
has Master
The archive master of the intellectual entity. 0..* digital representation
has Mezzanine
The mezzanine copy of the intellectual entity. 0..* digital representation
has Part
An intellectual entity that is part of this intellectual entity. 0..* intellectual entity
is Part Of
The intellectual entity of which this intellectual entity is part of. 0..* intellectual entity
is Represented By
A representation of the intellectual entity. 1..* representation
local identifier
A local identifier for the intellectual entity. 1..* local identifier
next intellectual entity in sequence
The intellectual entity that follows on this intellectual entity. 0..1 intellectual entity

Properties from object: relationship

local identifier (haObj:LocalIdentifier)

Subclass of: concept

A local identifier for an object defined by or known to the content partner, such as a barcode, an identifier from an external database or the identifier in the contentpartner’s collection registration system.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
The value of this identifier. 1..1 xsd:string

object (premis:Object)

Subclass of: entity

Subclasses: file , intellectual entity , representation

Discrete unit of information subject to digital preservation. Subclasses of Object are Intellectual Entity, Representation, File and Bitstream.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
A generic relationship between intellectual entities, files, or representations. 0..* object

physical carrier (haObj:PhysicalCarrier)

Subclass of: storage location

A physical carrier in which data, sound, images, etc., are stored. For certain categories of material, the physical carrier consists of a storage medium (e.g., tape, film) sometimes encased in a plastic, metal, etc., housing (e.g., cassette, cartridge) that is an integral part of the item.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
storage medium
The type of storage medium of the physical carrier. 1..1 storage medium

Properties from storage location: file path, storage medium

storage location (premis:StorageLocation)

Subclasses: physical carrier

Information needed to retrieve a physical item from its physical storage location or a file from the storage system, or to access a bitstream within a file.

Property Description Cardinality Datatype
file path
The file path of the storage location. 1..* xsd:string
storage medium
The type of storage medium. 0..* storage medium